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Home Construction Market Helps The Economy.

If during the recession banks kept the inventory available to home buyers low on the other hand this shortage helped builders in selling new homes. Banks usually offer a small part of their inventory in order to keep the availability relatively small based on the number of buyers. This assures that prices do not fall too fast.

This was great for builders and suppliers of building materials.

As the economy starts to show signs of improvement and people feel safe in their jobs, the request for new homes goes up.

More homes for sale
More homes for sale

This was a bit of an unexpected effect of this policy.
Building materials resellers were starting to import from other countries in order to survive during the recession. Now we can see how companies who manufacture, for example, brick veneer here in the USA are starting to see an increase of sales.

Thankfully this market is known to spur the confidence of many other sectors who are dependent on this types of trend.

We still need to see how long this will go on but the signs are definitely good.

Brick veneer seems to have seen an increase of sales of about 66% over the last year. If we consider a longer period, say 5 years, we can really see an even bigger jump in sales and confidence.

Anther trend that started during the recession is the advent of new sites that sell the faux version of brick veneer. As materials become more expensive and the labor costs staying fairly high, this new imitation material provide companies and homeowners a new way to start or complete construction projects while controlling the overall costs.