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Why buying a quality kitchen or bathroom can save you money

When I bought my first home with my wife, she had a secure job with a major organization and I am self employed so even though my wife has a secure Job, because I am self employed, we still needed a 25 percent down payment to get a mortgage from a bank.

Because we needed a 25 percent down payment to buy our home it didn’t leave much left over to purchase any upgrades on our new home, but after looking at a company that had over 50 Ottawa Kitchens to choose from, we picked one that suited our taste and style. We also decide to look at their Ottawa Bathrooms and chose to have the same style of Kitchen and matching Bathroom design for our first home.

Brick For Kitchens
Brick For Indoor And Outdoor


The standard kitchen that custom home builders offer are manufactured from melamine, a cheaper product which is not solid wood and is only a manufactured finish that is basically glued onto a fiberboard to look like real wood which of course is not. If you are buying a new home, I highly recommend you look at a higher quality kitchen with solid wood cabinets. Also, look into brick veneer panels or faux stone wall panels as options to decorate a room or kitchen with. The material is very lightweight and easy to install, but most importantly affordable for the average homeowners and lasts quite a while. It is well worth the extra money when building or buying a new home from a developer to upgrade to solid wood cabinets, as it will save you money by not having to upgrade your kitchen in less time when your cabinets are worn and dated.

We have now been living in our home for six years and the kitchen cabinets still look fantastic as the day they were installed in our home. We also decided to add new granite counter tops to our Ottawa Kitchen and Bathroom set making them look fantastic with the granite color we chose. Granite kitchen and bathroom counter tops make the kitchen and bathroom look much richer with the glossy real stone finish and will last for years to come.

Ann Cook – Ottawa