Do Faux Brick Panels Look Real?

This type of brick is a fantastic alternative mainly because it provides the exact look of real brick but without the high cost of fabrication.

Who can use this product?

Since old types of brick are very time consuming some manufacturers decided to come up with a panel that would be easy to install to regular homeowners but provide a viable solution to builders and contractors. They can be installed without having to know how to lay bricks.

What type of applications are they for?

Replica brick is designed to be used indoor and outdoor for any type of application. They are great for divider wall, BBQ, outdoor bars and widely used for trade show displays. You can be sure they will withstand extreme cold and very hot weathers.

What are they made of?

Our products are built with quality and high density resins. The can also be ordered in fire-rated materials to be used around fireplaces. This material provides high strength while still being lightweight.

Can I cut the product to size?

Yes, with no problem.
As mentioned, you do not need to be a brick layer to install brick. These can be cut with the wood saws you already have. They are more friendly than wood to cut since they do not chip or break easily.

Why are these brick panels great.

Instead of hiring some expensive contractor you can start and fully complete the job on your own.

Real brick is not only expensive to install but also to ship and deliver to you. Another huge saving comes from the reduced cost of shipping a lightweight brick.

You may have noticed how cold real brick is to the touch. If you go in the inside part of an exterior wall you will see that they are almost as cold as the outside. Resin panels actually provide a very nice insulation to your walls.

Another thing people do not consider when choosing building materials is the maintenance. With real brick you will see cracks and discolorations due to mold that need to be address regularly. Faux brick panels will not do that.

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